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CSSCLASS classname$, cssrule$


Sets a CSS rule for a specific class name.  This can be used to change the color, size, border, etc. of widgets on a web page, or for the creation of special effects.


  'set a rule for all links (classname for links is "a") making them gray
  cssclass "a", "{ background: gray }"
  'set a rule for "custom" links making them yellow
  cssclass "a.custom", "{ background: yellow }"
  link #a, "link a", [go]
  print " ";
  link #b, "link b" ,[go]
  print " ";
  link #yel, "yellow link", [go]
  'now tell the link to have a class named "custom"
  #yel cssclass("custom")

  print EventKey$; " clicked"