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DIV name

See also: CSSID

div name
'code for the sub goes in here
end div


DIV and END DIV define <DIV> and </DIV> tags on the web page.  These are used with CSS rules to organize and apply visual styles to different parts of a web page.


  cssid #links, "{ background: #E8FFE8; padding: 4px; width: 792px }"
  cssid #entries, "{ font-size: 16pt; background: #CFC; width: 768px; padding: 16px }"
  cssid #entry, "{ font-size: 14pt; width: 700px; background: #FFF; border-bottom: 1px solid #CDC; }"
  div links
    link #menuA, "Menu A", [goA]
    print " ";
    link #menuB, "Menu B", [goB]
    print " ";
    link #menuC, "Menu C", [goC]
  end div
  div entries
    print "Entries"
    for x = 1 to 3
    div entry
      print "Entry "; x
    end div
    next x
  end div