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GOTO label


GOTO causes Liberty BASIC to proceed to the program code following the label, using the form 'GOTO label'. The label can be either a traditional line number or a branch label in the format [branchLabel] where the branch label name can be any upper/lowercase letter combination. Spaces and digits are not allowed.

Here are some valid branch labels: [mainMenu] [enterLimits] [repeatHere]

Here are some invalid branch labels: [enter limits] mainMenu [1moreTime]





  print "Make your selection (m, r, x)."
  input selection$
  if selection$ = "M" then goto [menu]
  if selection$ = "R" then goto [repeat]
  if selection$ = "X" then goto [exit]
  goto [askAgain]


  print "Here is the main menu."


  print "Okay, bye."


In the lines containing IF . . . THEN GOTO, the GOTO is optional.  For example the following is valid (and even preferred):

  if selection$ = "M" then [menu]

But in the line GOTO [askAgain], the GOTO is required.

See also GOSUB