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1) Add code to ARRAYS.BAS after [quit] to display all the names entered.

  'List handling with arrays
  'Here is a version that displays the names entered
  'after [quit]

  dim names$(10) 'set up our array to contain 10 items

[askForName] 'ask for a name
  input "Please give me your name ?"; yourName$

  if yourName$ = "" then print "No name entered." : goto [quit]

  index = 0
  'check to see if index points to an unused item in the array
  if names$(index) = "" then names$(index) = yourName$ : goto [nameAdded]
  index = index + 1 'add 1 to index
  if index < 10 then [insertLoop] 'loop back until we have counted to 10

  'There weren't any available slots, inform user
  print "All ten name slots already used!"
  goto [quit]

[nameAdded] 'Notify the name add was successful
  print yourName$; " has been added to the list."
  goto [askForName]

  'display all the entered names
  print "Here is a list of the names entered:"
  print "------------------------------------"
  index = 0
  if names$(index) <> "" then print names$(index)
  index = index + 1
  if index < 10 then [displayLoop]

2) Modify the AVERAGE.BAS program so it asks for a name and age for up to 20 people. The names should be managed in a string array (remember ARRAYS.BAS?) that you'll add to the program. When the list of entries is displayed, each name is to be displayed with its age. Then the total and average age will be displayed after this. Call the program AGES.BAS.

  'Accept some names and ages from the user, then total and average them
  dim numbers(20)
  dim names$(20)
  print "AGES.BAS"

  'loop up to 20 times, getting names and ages
  print "Enter up to 20 names with ages."
  print "A blank name entry ends the series."

[entryLoop] 'loop around until a zero entry or until index = 20
  'get a name and age
  print "Name "; index + 1;
  input name$
  if name$ = "" then [endSeries] 'quit if name$ is blank

  print "Age ";
  input age

  index = index + 1 'add one to index
  names$(index) = name$ 'set the specified array item to be name$
  numbers(index) = age 'set the specified array item to be age
  total = total + age 'add entry to the total

  if index = 20 then [endSeries] 'if 20 values were entered, exit loop
  goto [entryLoop] 'go back and get another entry

[endSeries] 'entries are finished
  'Set entryCount to index
  entryCount = index
  if entryCount = 0 then print "No Entries." : goto [quit]

  print "Entries completed."
  print "Here are the "; entryCount; " entries:"
  print "-----------------------------"

  'This loop displays each entered value in turn.
  'Notice that we re-use the index variable. It
  'can be confusing to use a new variable for each
  'new loop.
  index = 0
  index = index + 1
  print "Entry "; index; " is "; names$(index); ", age "; numbers(index)

  if index < entryCount then [displayLoop]

  'Now display the total and average value
  print "The total age is "; total
  print "The average age is "; total / entryCount