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PASSWORDBOX #handle, expr$[, columns]

The PASSWORDBOX statement adds a password field object to the web page at the current position.  The object is assigned to the variable named #handle.  The expr$ is used to set the contents of the password field.  The optional columns value specifies the width of the textbox widget.


  pw$ = "please"
  passwordbox #box, pw$
  link #action, "Accept password", [accept]

  pw$ = #box contents$()
  print pw$

PASSWORDBOX object methods

#handle CONTENTS$() - Return the contents of the passwordbox as a string
#handle VALUE() - Return the contents of the passwordbox as a number
#handle SETFOCUS() - Set the input focus to this control when the page is displayed
#handle SETID(expr$) - Set the HTML id property to be the value of expr$
#handle ISNULL() - Returns zero (or false)
#handle DEBUG$() - Returns the string "Passwordbox"